Updated ImagePatcher.ps1

A quick post about an update I did a while ago.

There is a great patching script that is hosted on codeplex for patching wim / vhd. I have made some minor updates to it so it can also patch VHDx and will just run with windows 8 and require no additional components.

To patch a VHDX of 2012 R2 and only download what is needed
for that os.

 .\imagepatcher.ps1 -ImageOnly $true -imagefile F:\VHD\WS12R2DG2.vhdx

To Patch only image 1 in the WIM

 .\imagepatcher.ps1 -ImageOnly $true -imagefile F:\VHD\install.wim -patchimages 1

To patch Images 1 and 3 in the WIM

 .\imagepatcher.ps1 -ImageOnly $true -imagefile F:\VHD\install.wim -patchimages "1,3"

To patch all images in a WIM

 .\imagepatcher.ps1 -ImageOnly $true -imagefile F:\VHD\install.wim -patchimages All 

So there is an offline VM servicing tool for OS level
Patches.  There are some for the 2008R2 / Windows 2012 that need to have
the image updated manually as they depend on other patches that have not been
installed yet. 

So best is to run this over your image then power it up and
sysprep it then shut it down and re-run it and all updates should be installed.

I would be expecting to get the following message for each
image / patch run.


It is because there are updates that are listed that wont
install due to patch requirements.  (Requires cluster J or DC role etc..)

Updated script can be found here. ImagePatcher.zip

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